• ASPIRE System


This system is suitable for overweight patients who do not what a surgical procedure. Through a small tube in the stomach that leads to a valve on the skins surface, 30% of stomach content can be emptied, before its calories are absorbed.

Contrary weight loss surgery, the Aspire Assist is minimally invasive and reversable.

You should decide together with your doctor, whether Aspire Assist is the right option for you, taking into consideration your lifestyle, desired weight and other important factors.

Clinical study
According to clinical studies in the US, patients lost an average of 21kg after one year of using the Aspire Assist.

Quick recovery
The device is ambulantly implanted and removed. Normally the patient can leave after one to two hours and resume their normal life again.

Easy implantation
the implantation procedure takes only 20 minutes and is performed under conscious sedation. Full anesthesia is not necessary.

Healthy, normal lifestyle
With the Aspire Assist patients can eat and drink just as they normally would. Over time, with parallel life coaching, they learn healthier habits. However, with the Aspire Assist, losing weight does not require a drastic nutritional change.

The Aspire Assist can be removed anytime, through a 15-minute ambulatory procedure. It can be done under conscious sedation.

At the beginning of the therapy a specially designed tube called “A-tube”, is placed in the stomach.

It is a thin tube that leads from the stomach directly to the skin-port on the abdominal wall. There, a valve is located, which can be opened and closed for controlled emptying of the stomach. Through connecting a small device to the skin-port, the patient can empty 30% of the stomachs content after every meal.

Usage of the Aspire Assist system:
About 20 minutes after finishing your meal, the emptying process can begin. It will take about 5-10 minutes, and discretely takes place in the bathroom, so that what is in your stomach can be emptied into the toilet. Since only 30% of the stomachs content is emptied, the body still receives enough calories to properly function. For best results, this should be done after every main course.

Parallel to the Aspiration therapy, we will support you with life counseling. This includes private sessions with a dietologist, a psychologist, our fitness coach, and Dr. Kisser. Those sessions are deigned to motivate to a better lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, smaller portions and exercise. This ensures a healthy journey to weight loss.

Usually patients can go home one to two hours after removing the Aspire Assist

Ask Dr. Kisser any question about the Aspire Assist!