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intra-gastric balloon END-BALL® 6 month

The “END BALL” intra-gastric balloon enables you to take advantage of a non-drug, non-surgical approach to losing  weight. It is a “starter” which will give you a feeling of satiety.

By combining it with your motivation and a nutritional treatment you will enjoy greater weight loss and you will learn the principles of long-lasting success.

The intra-gastric balloon occupies a volume of the stomach causing a feeling of satiety and a reduction in food intake. The treatment must be combined with dietary and behavioural management.

Non chirurgical : Insertion by an endoscopic procedure

• Characteristics : Non-sterile, single use only, biocompatible, radio-opaque filled with air and water

• Expected weight loss : The expected weight loss at 6 months is in the order of 34% of the excess weight.

• Duration of treatment : 6 months maximum

• Average duration of the operation :
➢ Insertion 25 minutes (under general anaesthetic with or without intubation)
➢ Extraction 25 minutes (under general anaesthetic with intubation)


Contraindications :

The presence of one of the following conditions contraindicates the insertion of a balloon :
➢ history of gastric surgery
➢ digestive pathology: large hiatus hernias (> 5 cm), active peptic ulcers, severe oesophagitis of Grade III or IV (Savary-Miller classification) or Grade C or D (Los Angeles classification), Crohn’s disease or any other digestive tract lesion which could bleed, pyloric stenosis and abnormalities of the structure of the digestive tract

➢ diseases that are life-threatening short-term and medium-term
➢ severe cognitive or mental disorders
➢ severe, non-stabilised eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction
➢ treatment with anti-platelet drugs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories in the absence of treatment with anti-secretory drugs
➢ anticoagulants
➢ foreseeable inability of the patient to participate in a prolonged medical follow-up
➢ absence of previously identified medical treatment
➢ pregnancy, desire to be pregnant during treatment with the balloon
➢ severe liver disease
➢ haemostasis disorder

Principal complications :

Complications are generally moderate :
➢ abdominal pain, nausea, frequent vomiting in the early days that could
lead to hypokalaemia
➢ déhydratation
➢ spontaneous deflation of the balloon
➢ oesophageal reflux
➢ gastric ulcer
➢ oesophagitis

Severe complications are rare : Gastric perforation (0.1% to 0.2%)
➢ migration of the balloon leading to intestinal obstruction (0.2% to 0.8%)
➢ incarceration or oesophageal rupture during extraction

Restriction of activity : It is strictly forbidden for the patient to go scuba diving or fly in an unpressurised aircraft. Practising combat or extreme sports is also not recommended.