Allurion gastric balloon to swallow

    Allurion Gastric Balloon to Swallow

    In contrast to conventional gastric balloons for 6 or 12 months, our practice also offers the Allurion balloon, a gastric balloon for swallowing. As a temporary gastric balloon for 6 months, it helps overweight and obese people lose weight. Clinical studies using the Allurion balloon show that patients can lose, on average, approximately 10 to 15% of their previous body weight over the treatment period.

    What distinguishes the swallowing balloon?

    The Allurion balloon is a non-invasive method for efficient weight loss. The swallowing balloon – as its name suggests – is not inserted using gastroscopy under sedation like a conventional gastric balloon, but is swallowed by the patient as a capsule under supervision. The patients are then immediately able to drive and be active again. At the end of the treatment period, the balloon does not need to be removed using a gastroscopic procedure, but is eliminated naturally. Only in rare cases may an endoscopic procedure to remove the balloon be necessary.

    How does weight loss using the Allurion balloon work?

    The Allurion balloon combines the benefits of a gastric balloon with non-invasive weight loss methods. After gentle insertion, the balloon remains in the stomach, promoting satiety and reducing food intake. The balloon can therefore be a useful and effective support for long-term behavior change and weight loss. In addition, our patients benefit from support throughout the entire treatment period from the innovative digital Allurion program, as well as from dietary consultations and follow-up appointments in our practice.

    How is the balloon inserted?

    The gastric balloon is swallowed as a capsule by the patient under supervision. When swallowing, the front end of the insertion catheter remains outside the mouth. After the correct position of the gastric balloon has been checked using an X-ray, the balloon is then filled. The insertion catheter is then gently removed from the gastric balloon.