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A gastric balloon is a non-surgical method for long term weight loss.

“Newer studies confirm that a gastric balloon, if it is supported by regular counselling with your doctor, can bring about your desired weight loss. The balloon can be seen as a starting help for a new, healthy lifestyle.”

You are obese and have already tried several diets? Perhaps a gastric balloon could help.


A gastric balloon is an inflatable reservoir filled with liquid, that is temporarily placed in the stomach. It limits the amount of food the stomach can hold, while still providing patients with a feeling of satiety.
Normally, a classic balloon is used for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40. However, thanks to modern technology, there are also special forms of the balloon that can already be used at a BMI of over 27. This way, further weight gain and possible diseases can be prevented.
A gastric balloon can help you lose 10 to 30 kg.
The time in which the balloon is in your stomach can (and should) be used for a deliberate lifestyle change (sustainably switching to a healthy diet and including more exercise into your daily routine).

How can a gastric balloon be used?

One balloon can be inside the stomach for 6-12 months. No surgery is required for this method of weight loss. It is inserted and removed via gastroscopy (through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach). Some patients report a slight scratching in the throat post insertion, although this subsides after a short while. In very rare cases of a damaged balloon, it simply travels on into the intestines, from which it is excreted naturally.
You lose about 10-30kg and can deliberately change your daily life in terms of nutrition and exercise. This will prevent any gain of new weight after removing the balloon.

How much does a gastric balloon cost?
A gastric balloon is a private service. It can be used up to 12 months. There are 3 different kinds of balloons that we use in the Dr. Kisser practice, each at a different price.

6-month balloon

6-month ballon END-BALL®

ORBERA365™ 12-month balloon

SPATZ refillable 12-month balloon

Is a balloon always the right choice for losing weight?
In some cases, a weight loss surgery can be performed. Together with Dr. Kisser you will decide which weight loss method is most suitable for you.

Will I regain the weight after the balloon is extracted?
Continuation of the nutritional and behavioural follow-up makes it possible to avoid regaining weight after the balloon is extracted. You do not change your eating habits in 6 months. Stopping treatment after extraction exposes you to the yo-yo effect.

Why must the balloon be extracted after 6 or 12 months?
Because the stomach adapts to the balloon after 6 or 12 months and it no longer causes a feeling of satiety.

Can a second balloon be inserted if you have not lost the desired weight during the 6 or 12 months?
Yes, after a minimum of 6 weeks so that the stomach is once again sensitive to the effect of the balloon.

How will I eat with the balloon?
Diet is normal several days after insertion of a balloon. The feeling of rapid satiety makes it possible to reduce the quantity ingested and to follow the dietary changes recommended by the nutritionist.

Will I be ill after insertion of the balloon?
Spasms, vomiting, and acid reflux are frequent in the 3 days following insertion of the balloon. A drug treatment will be prescribed by your doctor to reduce these side effects. It is possible you will have sick leave prescribed. Sometimes the symptoms may last a week and are sometimes treated by a short hospitalisation. In rare cases the balloon has to be extracted for intolerance.

Will I feel the balloon in my stomach?
You will feel discomfort in the early days. After that the main feeling created by the balloon will be satiety

How long does it take to recover after insertion of the balloon?
Plan at least 3 days’ rest to recover after the operation. Going back to work depends on the ability of your body to adapt to the balloon.

What are the differences in weight loss compared with other slimming programmes?
You can expect to lose more weight with the intra-gastric balloon. Given that the balloon provides a feeling of satiety you will be more able to control what you eat.

Does the balloon limit activities?
You must not plan any significant activity in the first week. Once your body has adapted to the balloon you can restart your usual activities. Starting a programme of physical activity is strongly recommended to improve your chances of success.

Do I need to take part in follow-up visits to succeed?
The intra-gastric balloon is not a magic pill but a tool intended to help you change your lifestyle. By taking part in the programme you will have the advantage of the necessary training and support to change your habits and increase your chance of longterm success.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.