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Weight loss through fitness training

Physical exercise and fitness training are important for those who have set weight loss as their goal.

  • Exercise raises your body-awareness. Those who positively rediscover their bodies gain more joie-de-vivre and thus enjoy keeping in shape.
  • Exercise burns calories. This helps shrink fat depots of the body.
  • Exercise builds muscle, which constantly use calories and thus increase your daily needed calorie intake.

Dr. Michael Kisser will support you on your way to sustainable weight loss.

My expertise in the work with the Dr. Kisser Team is exercise and movement, in other words, finding a type of training that is both quick and easy to do as well as burning a high number of calories.

Weight loss through fitness training

We adjust the training to your personal needs.

Muscle development may lead to more weight in the beginning, because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue. However, muscles also burn fat, und are essential for healthy joints.
For medium overweight, jogging f. ex. would be too straining for the locomotive system. One should only begin cardio training after building enough muscle, because only then you have the needed support and protection for your joints.

Gymnastics on the other hand, used in the correct way, is relatively joint-friendly. Here, it is good to apply exercises that both go easy on knees and ankles and can be performed for a longer period. Keep in mind that fat depots are only tackled after 20 minutes of working out. Before this time, the body burns carbs, but no fat.
Swimming is an excellent way to exercise, because it does not strain the joints at all and can be exercised at a very individual pace. It boosts the metabolism, which leads to a higher calorie usage.

All that takes time and must be well planned. In our practice we advise and support you with losing weight.
Upon request we can create a “before” and “after” photo documentation