nutrition counseling

    • You want a healthier diet?
    • You are unhappy with your health?
    • You want an “active” diet?
    • You need support for better results of acupuncture?

    a useful diet consultation cannot be reduced to choosing a specific diet

    There are countless diet models in the media, that you can simply copy, but Dr. Kissers goal is not only weight loss for aesthetic reasons. Rather than that, we aspire a long-term result of feeling good in your own body.

    You will learn how to eat healthily, lose weight and simultaneously improve your overall health.
    Very soon you will notice feeling not only more mobile, but also more comfortable in your own body.
    Dr. Kisser will help you find a diet that best fits you personally, and that will help minimize ailments and improve your health. You will receive an optimized diet plan that fits your daily routine. This will give you a compact overview of foods to include into your daily food intake.

    Develop a joy for eating, reach your desired weight – without having to starve yourself or count calories. Start enjoying your life fully again.

    • Learn how to change & adjust your eating habits for long term weight loss and improved health
    • Learn how to avoid a yoyo-effect using body fat analysis
    • Learn how to easily cut unnecessary calories from your diet without having to constantly give up food you love
    • Receive a personalized diet plan that will effortlessly integrate into your daily routine

    By changing and improving your eating habits, you will

    • Cover your daily nutritional need while providing your body with the optimal nutrients
    • Improve your physical fitness and health, thus improving your performance
    • Long lastingly decrease body fat
    • Decrease risk of illnesses